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Young people's first family viewing system - bird living room theater K1


Common pain points in living room theaters

1, home decoration has not been buried ahead of time, but want to enjoy the real 5.1.; or think that the traditional home video products on the market, the connection line is too much and complicated, do not want to make the simple home messy.

2. Professional home theaters buy homes that are not in harmony with modern furniture. At present, young people in home decoration are generally simple European/Japanese styles, and traditional home theaters are not as abundance as Chinese furniture, but they are not coordinated with Jian Ou or Japanese style.

3, professional home theater needs to consider the placement and other aspects, the average user does not fully understand. And the subsequent tune-ups related to the family shadow are even more confused.

4, professional home theater amplifier sound control is not good, power amplifier settings are too complex, the need to drive more speakers, power is too small to push, power and power consumption and the overall sound volume requirements are larger, easy to affect others .

5. Some professional home theater amplifiers and players also require separate cabinets (or TV cabinets) that have problems with placement. Look at the thickness of the professional entry-level 5.1 amplifier now, and now the TV cabinet is not the same as before, and there are very few high-level cabins.

6. The home theater brands and the configuration of less than ten thousand yuan are said to be high, low, low, and relatively low.

7. There is no film source access method, resulting in the purchase of 5.1 cinema products but can not really enjoy.

8. The traditional home theater feature is professional, but it is too specific, resulting in low usage. ,

9. There is no balance between large-sized units and low-density placement. Many people think about the unit size when purchasing a home video, but they also have too large a sense of unit size.

TIPS: The above is merely an explanation of the pain points of regular users. It does not mean that the device itself completely solves the above problems.

The first family viewing system for young people

At present, with the increase in house prices, the area of ​​homes has also been reduced, so as an average family, it is not possible to target a large number of highly professional sets of house-shadow systems during renovations (here said Is the average family, can not measure the net that villa router is not counting), the vast majority of people currently choose family viewing location is certainly the living room, and I personally have been stubborn, if not a separate room, just In the living room, there are too many things that need to be compromised. It would be unrealistic to spend a lot of money on building a true home theater because the living room itself is irregular and the sound processing needs to be done too much. Do not bury the line, plus the room also need to have a living and other functions, the more you get to the professional, the more it will look neither fish nor fowl.

At the very least, even if you have a whole set of more than 100,000 homes, the rooms are not treated with sound insulation, and the space is not treated. There are neighbors up and down, and you are faced with either nuisance or compromise. Since the choice is not to disturb the people, then the compromise Why not choose a product that suits the family's "living room" at the beginning?

The reason why I think this is the first set that is in line with young people is based on the original intention of this product. First of all, it is possible to allow more families to choose after the wireless rear-end (do not consider burying thread in advance, etc.), and secondly, the design of the product. Whether it is fashionable or not, at least compared to many traditional home theater main speaker products without compromising the unit size, the space visibility is more compact (average price of tens of thousands of square meters, and one square meter is saved. It is tens of thousands of pieces), and the subwoofer itself is also a wireless link, so you can fully consider the furniture and so on.

The reason why this is a system, not a pure home theater, is that the value of a system itself and the functions it has can be more comprehensive, such as a good video processing chip, and it can not only support the local Play, while built-in online resources (including 5.1 video sources and audio sources), content is the key, like a set of technology kitchen, if you do not have the dish or can not make a table of delicious food.

There is also a key point is that things are easy to use, can be used commonly used to show that this set of equipment is valuable. Therefore, the first product in my mind is the first family viewing system in terms of size, appearance, placement, tuning, and film source.

However, whether the bird K1 living room theater can meet you, the following on the various elements of the product are evaluated one by one.

TIPS: The above is only to expound my understanding of the living room theater. It does not mean that the equipment fully meets the requirements. The specific details refer to the following evaluation.

Advance review

Because the entire test was poorly written, not all people were interested in reading. In order to facilitate browsing, the main content was scored. The details are as follows:

TIPS: The scoring is based on the price of the product; 10 is the perfect score.

1. Sound quality ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ 8☺

The quality of the product and the effort to make sounds within this price are not bad, and the atmosphere and positioning direction are relatively accurate, and the overall satisfaction is relatively satisfactory in the tests such as wrapping.

☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹.

2. Design ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ 8☺

The design itself varies from person to person. The scores here are mainly for the details of the work and the overall feeling after placement. In the case of not losing the unit size, a relatively good balance is achieved, and the height of 1.2 meters is more in line with the sofa. The sense of hearing after sitting, and not in the room. The overall wiring is clean and tidy.

☹ See the last few details.

3. Rich online content ☺☺☺☺☺☺ 6☺

We should have given 7 stars to all the members who should be sent to Tencent, but the test version did not seem to give us, so we artificially deducted a star.

The Android system itself wants Tencent iQiyi Sohu would like to install someone's home can, and there is a separate 5.1 area, the general online use whether it is a movie / TV series / animation can basically meet.

☹ Although it cooperates with Tencent TV, the top page of the movie or TV series does not give the main display position, and the entire desktop cannot be customized. The iQIYI installed at the back cannot be easily accessed.

4. Local playback capability and performance ☺☺☺☺☺ 5☺

The chip and configuration capabilities are proven on many mature high-definition players. There is no doubt about this (5 smiles are for the chip), but this system is the most slotted local player. poor.

☹ Although the problem of local playback can be solved by installing other third-party software (kodi MX), after all, users consume a complete system and cannot ask the customer to understand what playback software is needed to load subtitles.

5. Accessories ☺☺☺☺☺ 5☺

Although some of them are all from the remote control / HDMI cable / fiber optic cable, etc. are all set, but it does not feel very hard, and the host with accessories are not any brand, this is the Internet company should pay special attention user experience.

☹Refer to the following summary

6. Defects in details

The quality of the remote control is generally inconsistent with the overall product price, even if the main push APP operation should also be equipped with a similar.

☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹.

The jack of the rear speaker should be designed to be L-shaped, so if the board is still in use right after the sofa, it is also the details;

The materials of the speaker in the package are very good, but why not make extra gloves that can be used to wipe the maintenance box;

Design design

Good product design must be enough effort, especially on the most important living room location in the home. If there are big problems in the design, then I believe you must not have great interest to use or even experience it. The words like the bird's slogan say, based on sweetness, it is a good home theater product.

The whole design made me feel that the best thing was the green that would breathe. The whole product got the perfect unity through this breathable green, let each product respond to each other, have their own unique elements, and later expand. The product is believed to have a better direction of integration.

This green light strip can be turned off or turned on. This depends on personal preferences. I used to see how much light there was when I watched movies at night. When you listen to music, it's as if many vintage radios will have the kind of warm yellow light. This cold green light can bring you a fantasy rush when one's nest is on the sofa listening to music.


The front post unit adopts the same design, which is better for the overall placement of the space, but as the same design, it feels that the front unit is the same as the rear unit and the box, and there may be a problem. The unit should theoretically be weakened so that the surround sound is more realistic. If the rear unit is overpowered, then the surround experience may be biased. Of course, this has to wait until the real test of the product is experienced.

Speaker in the design mentioned the streamlined design is to avoid reflection of sound waves, at this point I think it is beautiful to be true, because the living room itself is used in the presence of irregular space, overhanging situation. However, as an aluminum box, it feels a lot of practical, because many advantages of the aluminum box is not the traditional density board.

The weight of the six-kilogram weight of the pedestal before the speaker's pedestal didn't get it was enough to give people a lot of confidence. At least, I didn't have to worry about the bear's carelessness, the size and weight of the pedestal. On the day, careless collisions in daily life basically do not have to worry about knocking down.

Detail one

The innovative feather design, without losing the unit size and the box volume (in the same price, good sound must depend on these two elements), makes the overall look comfortable and not abrupt, and integrates the integrated design Speaker pillars solve the problem of space filling, which does not affect the beauty of the home and give people a fresh feeling.

Detail 2

Wild silver makes the main design more fit modern home style.

But I saw this speaker looks like there are fashion gray colors, I personally feel that the color will be more savory, but did not find the confirmation information in the official website, I hope the manufacturers can see if this evaluation can give a reply, why did not That gray one.

Detail three

Most of the young families have babies or are about to have new members, then safety has to consider this, the solid body of the main speaker column fixed to prevent the 35-degree tilt, so that the safety hazards to a minimum.

This effect is better in the actual test, because the grounded base below the ground is relatively large, the safety factor is good, on the one hand from the design, on the other hand is mainly because the box is indeed not light, but also proved the whole side Material is in place.

Detail four

The whole box body is dripping from top to bottom. The benefits of the styling are significant for the more irregular living room environment. This design prevents the sound from diffracting in the house and effectively reflects the noise.

Detail five

Hidden wiring: the so-called hidden wiring is output directly from the base, not like the traditional home theater like the need to plug in the back of the box, the overall look is more beautiful and not messy.

Speaking of the wiring, the entire rear box of the bird K1 is connected with the plug-in type. It is wirelessly connected to the front, and the back-end requires a power socket (two-hole flat socket). The whole set of equipment requires a total of three jacks. In addition to the above rear settings, the front requires a jack (two-hole flat jack), and the subwoofer requires a jack (because the subwoofer and the center need no wired connection). , so it does not matter to put to the left.


The center speaker is the core of this device. It feels like the design doesn't surprise people like the front and rear. The overall appearance is a little mediocre. Of course, such an unobtrusive design may be to better adapt to each living room. surroundings.

The power of the center speaker can be described in detail later.


The design of this subwoofer is the best design I think of this product, although the appearance is small but the cabinet space is not compressed, do not know whether it is the impact of three bodies, teardrop-shaped design in more and more products have performance .

Because of the particularity of the subwoofer on the position, the overall product either needs to be particularly conspicuous and people feel that it is bright, so it is not so abrupt, and it is easier to place on the horns.


The interface configuration is the most satisfactory place for this product. This kind of product's scalability is greatly increased, and it is more suitable for use as a living room center home intelligence system.

HDMI this three input, an output (this is not very ideal) is a very conscientious device, the entire system can be used for multi-device access, such as Blu-ray / XBOX and other equipment, for future expansion of this piece Lay the foundation, but the output only one interface is a bit embarrassing, but fortunately in my home is the use of television as a video display, but if the home with a projection at this point is more embarrassing, because projection and television do not increase the third-party equipment In this case, only one output can be selected.

USB this with the above HDMI, the number is sufficient, but only one USB 3.0 still think this can be done better, of course, absolutely enough in terms of quantity, even if usually behind the two USB cable to charge enough. Here need to focus on that the USB port is really tight, and the USB plug feels a little hard.

The most important value of the SD card interface is for local audio playback. Usually, you can copy your favorite music to an SD card and play it as local music. The advantage is that you don't need to turn on the TV and still don't affect the songs and songs.

Fiber-optic, SPDIF coaxial is the best connection and playback for CD players.

The newly renovated house has a network port at the back of the living room TV, so this design is more reasonable. The network is more stable without relying on the wireless network. The most important thing for the Gigabit Ethernet port is to read the NAS. Big video sources, the advantages of cable will be more obvious.

Extended Blu-ray player

Currently there are two ways to market Blu-ray movies. One is buying Blu-ray players and then buying discs. Just like the previous consumption of DVDs, another method is to download iso Blu-ray disc movies to play through the hard disk.

In general, movies such as 1080P are compressed. The standard Blu-ray movies now have very few BD25s. Most of them are BD50 discs, which means that a movie is about 40G, so the compressed 1080P is generally In the 10G or so, although there is loss from the screen alone, if the output video display device is not ideal, the difference is not significant, and the difference is mainly in the smoothness of the code rate. But in a living room theater, the main focus of mentioning Blu-ray movies is that the largest part of the compressed 1080P loss is the audio track. On the one hand, many secondary audio tracks are removed, and on the other hand, the next-generation audio track may not be preserved. Therefore, in order to make Good to enjoy a movie proposal or see the Blu-ray original disk to enjoy. And the Blu-ray original has a menu that is not available in the compressed version, and there are also eggs.

At present, mainstream Blu-ray players in the market generally support local playback, and cracked versions support local original playback. For example, Mason, a pioneer or oppo player, can easily buy a cracked version of Mr. Gao. Bird K1 supports three HDMI input ports, so choose HDMI to the host and enjoy movies better.

PS4 game console

The sound effects of the game have always been much better than the traditional movies, just as the sound effects of conventional cartoons are much better than the sound effects of traditional movies. Therefore, after the home game console is connected to the living room theater, the same entertainment time is better for the game experience, especially in the When playing war games, the space atmosphere is stronger, and it is possible to judge the position by voice. In short, the living room theater must be used effectively, so that the equipment can not be idle at ordinary times.

The bird has three HDMI input ports, so in theory, the average home will be sufficient. In addition to a Blu-ray player, you can add two game consoles.

Sound evaluation speaker unit

I don't really like the introduction of the German unit in the publicity. I don't think that the quality of the horn affects the quality of the country and it doesn't affect quality. Therefore, I think this introduction is not ideal.

In terms of horn selection, I personally agree with this design. The 1+4 unit design is enough to be used as an average family living room. Excessively large units are largely a waste of extravagance because of the general family environment. You can't use these units at all, but at a compromised volume, it's not as cheap as a small unit. This is a balance, a balance that sounds clever. The 8-inch bass is not intended to be large. Like the previous point of view, the 12-inch sinking is really good, except that the 12-inch box is bigger and more occupied, and you pay for driving such a large unit. If you compromise with the voice you want, it's not as good as a small-sized bass unit, and it's easier to position.

Both the front and rear units are the same, with four-inch mid-bass and 1-inch tweeters visible after unpacking.

The center also uses a more traditional dumbbell design, two four-inch bass plus a tweeter.

Elemental materials are not to be examined. The naked eye observation is similar to the design of the wool pots, but it is not quite certain. The overall workmanship is considered to be a good one, visible through the dust caps.

This horn is good on the material, after all, these units are inside the general people do not look to open. Speakers, but judging from the weight (non-deuterium magnetism) and volume (the same size), the heavier the better. The detail processing is also considered to be a conscience. There are also tin spots on the horn, and there is a protective sleeve. The good sound has a certain connection between the stacking materials and the details.

Because the entire panel has to be removed, the hand drill has no electricity, and it is too lazy to screw it.

The tweeter is visible with a magnetic shield. Similarly, these invisible units are fairly sophisticated. If we follow the usual traditional Internet companies to do home theaters, I do not think it is possible to deduct these details. Birds are This is still commendable.

Frequency divider

The standard 1+4 unit originally thought that many manufacturers that advertised high-tech use simple electronic frequency division (the frequency divider itself has no electronics and physics, and the main thing is to use materials), or simply behind the tweeter A small capacitor comes in handy, and the bird does feel a surprise at this point, a real physical divider.

Without the speaker unit of the divider, the sound is very unpleasant. The role of the divider is to split the entire audio signal into the corresponding frequency band for different loudspeaker units, so that the corresponding loudspeaker only processes the corresponding frequency band.

The famous speaker or the current classic speaker, the divider is the most tested audio designer, the divider is not a thing that can make a good sound as long as the stack material, follow-up calibration test is very complicated with the system .

Of course, saying so much is not to say how good the bird's divider is. It's just that the bird has done a very good job in this area. At least it's not visible to others and there's no cutting corners. The sound-absorbing cotton can be seen, even if it is a lot of box playing hifi banner, after opening it feels more kind, such as Swans M200 (I removed the original drying single)

Power amplifier

D class amplifier as a small size, strong output capacity is basically all multimedia audio products are keen, although the professional field is still the world class A amplifier, but based on the price and cost I think in this product, D class amplifier is a good select.


The profiled mask is not only for the overall appearance, but also can play a role of standing wave, and fully consider the details in the place where the tweeter is facing, and do a sleek processing to avoid damage to the treble output.

Movie Sound / Music Sound / Game Sound (Dolby)

Test Disc: DTS Demo Disc Vol 20 2016 BluRay 1080p AVC DTS X-Demo51

Disc Title: DTS.Demo.Disc.Vol.20.2016.BluRay.1080p.AVC.DTS.X.7.1-Demo51
Disc Size: 17,360,659,545 bytes
Protection: AACS
BD-Java: No
Playlist: 00180.MPLS
Size: 1,136,160,768 bytes
Length: 0:03:26.956
Total Bitrate: 43.92 Mbps
Video: MPEG-4 AVC Video / 25936 kbps / 1080p / 23.976 fps / 16:9 / High Profile 4.1
* Audio: English / DTS-HD Master Audio / 7.1 / 48 kHz / 3711 kbps / 24-bit (DTS Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 24-bit)
* Audio: English / DTS-HD Master Audio / 7.1 / 48 kHz / 9492 kbps / 24-bit (DTS Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 24-bit)
Audio: English / DTS-HD Master Audio / 2.0 / 48 kHz / 2194 kbps / 24-bit (DTS Core: 2.0 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 24-bit)

TIPS: Although the chip used by the bird supports the Blu-ray original disk of ISO, the bird's system cannot directly read the ISO original Blu-ray disk. Therefore, the K750LI of Kaiboer is used to assist testing.

This disc is said to be the best one DTS has done in recent years. It contains rich DTS:X demo content, which relates to film music and other clips. It is suitable for testing this birdie device. The bird itself can use it. The chip itself only supports DTS sound effects, the specific chip can see the following chip concerned evaluation.

Those who did not use a tripod card machine can only make do with it. Some of the comments below may not have corresponding photos, forgive me.

"2016 DTS Blu-Ray Demo Disc Vol.20" includes 11 movie clips, including Blu-ray movies "Pharaoh and the Gods," "Speed ​​and Passion 7," "Code 47," "Jurassic World," and "Ace Agents: The Secret Academy, The Last Wizard Hunter, etc.; 8 music clips: Claudiu Voicu, Chasing Lights, Holly Miranda, All I Want Is To Be Your Girl, Imagine Dragons, I Bet My Life , Shots, Jan Minol Insight, Jesse Harris Miyazaki, Kaya Stewart Everything I Do Is Wrong, Nigel Stanford Cymatics.

After the entire dish has been tested on the bird has a better understanding, although the test dish and Blu-ray movies are still somewhat different (flavored), but the final performance can better understand the current equipment used is flawed, this The point is very important.

The test results are as follows:

"The Last Wizard Hunter": This is a fragment that gave me the most shocking experience through the bird K1. The atmosphere is very strong. This experience of the fragment makes me feel that the device that is being tested is not a ticket. It is really done. A set of living room theaters. After the eyes are closed by lightning, people can feel it.

"Jurassic World": The performance of this test piece in the low frequency performance, although better than my Tianlong S412, but limited to 8-inch bass unit and box volume, bass bottleneck there is a bottleneck, but in the entire chase in the distance Feeling bit.

"XXXX": I forgot what the movie was called (above), that is, the man and the monster fighting, this test fragment is mainly to look at the sound of a sense of position, the bird in the performance of a sense of sound performance, closed eyes test When you can feel the frequency and speed of the object's movement, the positioning performance is not bad.

The music test didn't really work. I didn't like the music coming out of 5.1. I liked the sound of two pairs of sounds. The so-called surround sound is very straightforward except for the performance of the opera or the concert. I really think that with 5.1, I have no feelings or personal opinions.

The game sound effect uses Dolby's test disc. The overall feeling is the same as the previous movie clip test. The atmosphere has a strong sense of package, a sense of orientation, and positioning is clear (it is estimated that there is some relationship with the one-button tuning that comes with it. ) The only downside is that the 8-inch subwoofer does not provide enough shock (medium volume). Anyway, the size of the box and the speaker dive to around thirty is basically the limit, after all, can reach the dive twenty The 12-inch is not even thought of, but the volume is not estimated to be much smaller than the home air-conditioner.

Sound Overview (Standard Tuning)

Birds this home theater, test disc Ye Hao or a few films to see these days (dream dream giants, heavy spy 5, etc.), to achieve the quality of entry-level home theater, general family living room (30 or so) use sufficient.

Low-frequency quality: Because the overall design concept is as light as possible to meet the needs of the average family, the 8-inch unit can only be said to be adequate. The overall low-frequency sound quality can also be neat and clean.

Movie vocals: Watching movies is different from listening to music. Most of the vocals are dialogues. If you can't hear clearly, then the feelings must be bad. Bird's mid-level performance of this device is good in sound performance, and it is not affected by the sound of other frequency bands, and life is relatively clear.

Sense of Scope and Direction: After all, it is 5.1. Even the sound of a multimedia box is quite different from the traditional 2.0. This specific can be seen above for the evaluation of the test film, as a whole I am more satisfied.

Performance evaluation chip resolution capability

Mstar9180 chip performance in terms of the current market, not as powerful as the product description, but this chip performance is currently enough to deal with regular local video playback, and the biggest advantage is the stability, there are a variety of 4K video box and TV Already used (with models: open Boer F5Q9Q6, Mele V10). The quad-core CPU and the 4+2 core GPU clocked at 1.5GHz are obviously luxurious if they are used for a box. However, as a whole system, it can only be said that there is not enough surprise on the basis of enough. Of course, as with the previous judgment on processing, playing a 4K resolution movie smoothly does not have much of a problem in running a slightly larger 3D game.

Mstar9180 supports 4K and H.265 hard decoding, supports HDMI input and output, supports blue light source disk (ISO master) playback, support for Dolby / DTS decoding, as well as USB3.0 and Gigabit network card and so on, like Kaibor and Meile has used this chip in its midrange products, the Q9 and V10, as well as the nut projectors that were just on the market at the time. It also uses this chip, including the Xiaomi TV 2 and LeTV. Chips, performance but also some discounts. But I have to say that the bird really did not use this chip well, at least in the local playback of this piece also need to work hard, at least to be able to read the Blu-ray disc directly, do not waste this chip.

I chose several movies and games to test the host's capabilities, as follows:

TIPS: Video shots are computer screenshots of the video source. On the one hand, you can see the video source parameters. Some local players can not directly read, they are all tested by third-party software. The specific installation software will separately explain that the test is important for the resolution of the chip.

720P/MKV format

The 720P and MKV format test clips did not exert any pressure on local direct reading. The reason for this was to be more comprehensive.

1080P/m2ts format test clips Birds can't play directly in local playback (using MX player) Without any pressure, playback is easy.

1080P spyware 5 17.7G BluRay.1080p.DTS-HDMA7.1.x264 MKV normal play without any problem, but there is a flaw in local playback does not support subtitles (if you install MX and other players can better local playback )

Wind goes 4K MOV format local player can not read mov file directly, use mx player normal play without stall

Transformers 4K MP4 format native player normal play without stall

Gao Da said that the car chapter seven: three passengers strong return! (There are spoilers, be cautiously)... Gundam said the car, I don't talk about the car today, but I have to say something about the car. This incident detonated the emotions of domestic fans and some fans over the weekend. This is the new show of “The Grand Tour... 2541770” by Jeremy Clarkson and Nike’s Gundam.

The Grand Tour S01E01 2160p WEBRip DD+ 5 1 x264-TrollUHD[Large World Tour Season 1 Episode 1 Version 4k]

Originally thinking about what 4K test film, just to see @ wear Nike's up to release such an exciting good news, thanks to @ Star Sparks upload 20G single set of resources.

The test results are local direct reading, normal play, smooth, fast forward, etc. (Of course my computer plays this real card).

Blu-ray Disc (Packaging) (Attack on Giant Extra Episode)

The local player cannot read directly, external third-party playback software is required, and the test uses kodi to read directly

Blu-ray original (unpackaged) (Dolby test disc)

The local player cannot read directly, and it requires external third-party playback software. The test uses kodi to read directly.

Audio processing capability

Like the main chip, the bird is not radical in chip selection. Of course, it may be because of the overall cost considerations. Therefore, choosing this CSRA67075A01 professional decoding chip is also reasonable. The chip supports DOLBY and DTS, so you don't need audio processing capability. Worried, and on the other hand, people have confidence in the 5.1 system of this system.

Content Evaluation Online Resources

As soon as the homepage entered, it was able to see a separate 5.1 area, which included a lot of free 5.1 resources. The online video resource itself is mainly from Tencent TV, because I am a beta version, the official version should be sent to members for one or two years, and the time to watch the film online does not have to worry about. Music resources are relatively abundant. Basic coverage from shrimp and Himalayan is very comprehensive.

The basics of audio books are all there, and it feels quite interesting at home with 5.1 tomb notes.

PS: It is recommended that manufacturers can not find some ghost stories that surround the effect. It must be very interesting. Or a fairy tale that surrounds sound effects.

PS: The official version to send this Tencent TV members, because I did not test the machine, so it can only be a simple demonstration.

Because it is Android's system, in fact, what like to install anything on the line, iQI sohu, etc. are no problem, because I do not feel bad about online resources, so there is not too much in-depth evaluation.

On these days my wife used the phrase "I feel like I have a movie in my home theater."


KODI supports this device's chip, the current test of two versions, one is a sofa bar 1.6 is a 1.7 beta version of the official website, the test used without any problems, but when exiting are all different degrees of error, but does not affect the use, You can use the main menu to exit directly on the remote control.

If the KODI software is relatively familiar, then the local playback problems mentioned in this device have not existed. The player can be attached to the kodi. For example, in another evaluation, the buddies achieved the test through kodi. Followed by playing.

Bird Mall

In short, I still need to work hard. Anyway, I looked at it, and then downloaded a sofa. The apps there are basically for TV.

Suggestions: 1. At least need to install most of the need to install, or universal users like to be a key installed package, because the machine's built-in storage space feels completely adequate, so made a key to install the package pressure is not. Since customized sound effects can be achieved for the elderly and children, it is more ideal to customize a one-button installed package for different families.

2. At least need to be classified for common software used by TV, or especially recommended. For example, we have children's education software, the first few are not used for the TV version, most of them are flat-panels, if it is installed so that children see, you said let children not play.

3. Local playback software is best to test a few more, before the completion of its own local playback function (the current manufacturer's response is an iteration of the software upgrade in December, from the receipt of the goods within a month has been a small upgrade 3 times) .

System Evaluation BIRD OS

For the content resources, see the online resource evaluation section above. Here, the focus is on the content of the set boards.

If the advantage is simple and clear, it will be fully understood at a glance. If the disadvantage is too simple, such as the video output settings, etc., only a simple resolution and no advanced mode, because the local player does not have depth to do this, so the setting here is not too much to imagine.

Bird Remote Control APP

The remote control of birdies has been upgraded from the installation to the current version of the three versions, the update speed is quite fast, on the one hand feel that is not perfect, but also feel some confidence, unlike many measured companies, and even the crowdfunding page The functions inside are all concepts. The birdie is basically successful in terms of the amount raised from the crowd, and the software is still being revised and updated continuously after being tested successfully. This point is worthy of praise.

This is the main screen of the four screens. They are the movie music application and the self setting. There are two main menus. One is the tuning and the other is the remote control.

Drag and drop

If the mobile phone is used as a remote control, if the traditional button is used, there is mainly no sense of feedback, and the experience is poor. Therefore, the APP terminal of the bird living room theater mobile phone adopts a drag-and-drop method to operate up and down and confirm the operation. It is very easy to use such an operation. Get started, more casual and convenient than the remote control, and more in line with modern people's habits (most people do not leave their hands on the sofa)

The convenience in actual use can be affirmed, it is easy to grasp the operation logic, but occasionally there will be small bugs, such as determining the key operation is not sensitive and so on.

One-key tuning





手机客户端可以对多设备进行切换,比如HDMI 1接的是蓝光播放器,HDMI接的是游戏机,方便方面的就可以进行切换。这样的好处在于如果是电视端作为呈现的话,只需要占用电视一个HDMI接口,就可以同时连接三台设备。



voice control






















因为芯片跟配置还不错,芯片参数参考上面,X265 IOS蓝光原盘本身都支持,就是本地播放这块没做出来,而且像字幕添加等等问题都没考虑到。










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